Static Infographics

Infographics create a new way of seeing the world of data

Infographics create a new way of seeing the world of data, and they help communicate complex ideas in a clear and beautiful way to a mass audience. They are therefore great as training and educational tools as well as for instructional product design. As the world gets more complex and more data emerges, information graphics are more useful than ever. Data visualisation often deals with an enormous amount of data, with the goal of discovering patterns. Huge amounts of data are very difficult to sort through, but infographics make information presentable and digestible to a general audience. An easy-to-read illustration helps tell a story and makes data points easier to understand.

 And it doesn’t hurt when infographics are not only clear and straightforward, but also beautiful and engaging. The aesthetic design draws the viewer in; the information helps the viewer analyze and understand the data being presented. Here at ITVantage we are passionate about infographic design. We have a team of designers lead by our  creative director who has worked on infographic projects for some of industries top names such as Microsoft, BBC. We can adopt our style to create both visually stunning 2D Flat design as well as complex 3D isometric design. 

The inforgraphic below out lines ITVange process for commissioning a infographics.

You will see through our own website, ITVantages use of infographics to clearly communicate out services. We look forwarded to hear more about your projects today and demonstrating to you how we can work along side your subject matter experts in adding value.