Proof of Concept

We Design and Deliver Proof of Concept right through to a working Prototype

So you’ve got a great idea, a vison, or a great strategy, the only problem is you are struggling to convey this to your stake holders. You need to validate your concept before you committing large budgets to a full blast development project. No problem!

ITVantage can assist you with developing a proof of concept which can help organisations test project and business feasibility and allow you to understand whether it’s going to be a success, fall flat on its face or need tweaking to succeed. Why go through the pain of yet another system implementation which no body in the company uses or fails to see the value? Allow us to work with you in producing proof of concepts which help with stake holder buy in and firm up your strategy.

To successfully execute on an idea or project, organisations often develop a set of proofs, or tests, that define its success criteria. We can help your organisation bridge the gap between the visionary and delivery stages of production efforts.

Our consultants can work alongside your subject matter experts in developing a proof of concept which tests a prototype of the application being developed before it is delivered to the customer. Using our very own proof-of-concept framework, we can help organisations clear out technical or logistical issues and gather feedback from various stakeholder groups, in order to create an overall direction for any sort of project you may have in mind.

It is important before commissioning a proof of concept that you ask yourself the following questions, with regards to your scope:-

  • What goals does the operations assessment intend to accomplish?
  • What will be the extent of the assessment and which IT service management and/or operational activities will it assess?
  • What are the company's most urgent IT service management and operations problems?
  • What are the company's strategic IT service management and operations problems?
  • What is the time element in which the assessment will be completed?
  • What is the approach the team will take in doing the assessment?
  • How many people will be involved in the assessment?
  • What are the constraints within which the assessment will be conducted?

ITVantage Proof Of Concept Frame Work

  1. Proof Discovery Exercise
  2. Proof Vison Statement
  3. Proof Objectives / Scope
  4. Proof Requirements 
  5. Proof Acceptance Criteria 
  6. Proof Of Concept Build Iterative Proof  Prototype 
  7. Beta testing 
  8. Fail Fast / Commit to development