With a changing landscape and dynamics a company must transform from just an outsourcing provider to a firm that provides higher-end business transformation services to its clients. At ITVantage we are taking this initiative and are able to collaborate with niche service providers from India offering a range of services to SME and large corporation.

Our customers find the overall traction for outsourcing beneficial taking into consideration the crunch and the economic pressure and in many cases it helps our client to “run the business” and keeping the lights on.

ITVantage is moving towards recognition as a European player with strong operations and a well-networked partnership to offer European clients the benefit of Off- Shoring and are progressing well with our brand acceptance and market performance in Europe.

ITVantage is working towards achieving the critical mass and the operating model maturity to continue its climb up the services value chain, and have ambitious plan to move from cost-centric "land and expand" offerings to complex business-oriented transformational outsourcing engagements. 

The Onshoring

Not many local companies will be for Onshoring – especially if the offshore option is more attractive. Based on the methodology adopted and approach taken most of the companies would prefer to offshore based on the labor cost arbitrage and also considering the taxation and regulatory compliance issues.

Having said that we at ITVantage work in close co-ordination with our customers to offer services in the niche skill domain, where local talent is difficult to find, and have a predictable engagement during the duration of the project.  In this model we undertake projects where you would struggle to get resources locally and would like to rely on software delivery firm to deliver the right team every time.