Bespoke Solutions

For the past fifteen years ITVanatge has been developing world class enterprise IT solutions for Fortune 500 Blue Chip and other organisations. As we are not aligned to any particular technologies or processes – our products and services can provide you with an innovative and / or competitive edge.

Our consultants are more effective in designing and implementing bespoke solutions which are specific to your needs and business by closely liaising with your key stakeholders and experts to handcraft solutions which works and adds to overall value in the process.  

Our agile methodology and environment for development allows our customers to give quick feedback and test any features leading to marked improvement in the software or solution(s) being developed.
Working under a mutually agreed SLAs helps in delivering an enterprise wide solutions which has a positive impact on the business. 

The Agile process

Based on our experience we have adopted “Agile Software Development Process” in most of our development and delivery. The solutions hence developed evolves through collaboration between self-organizing, cross- functional teams and subject matter experts. We development process is characterised by incorporating adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change(s). 
ITVantage Agile Methodology helps addressing growing business demands by rapidly delivering business value through IT applications. Our consultants can help executing agile projects from distributed locations and deliver high-quality applications cost effectively.

Our expertise will help you achieve enterprise IT agility to extend agile benefits from projects to business lines incorporating the following:
•    Higher Agile readiness and / or maturity assessment
•    Faster and effective agile adoption
•    Managing effectively Organization change management
•    Coaching and training for better Agile adoption
•    Best use of tools and products

By having a well-defined agile ecosystem, methodology, concepts, processes, accelerators, and experienced talented experts, we provide application development and maintenance services for agile projects:
•    Distributed agile projects execution
•    Agile testing services
•    Implementing tools and accelerators

Through collaborative approach and based on our expertise in integration and strong alliances, we will help you – move from agile development to agile delivery and realize business value early, frequently, and incrementally by:
•    Ensuring a continuous delivery setup
•    Establishing an engineering ecosystem
•    ITVantage Agile offers a distributed execution platform to resolve challenges associated with distributed execution.